Our draping solutions are available with or without free standing telescopic drape supports. These modular systems pack down for transport and a quite simple to set-up with a little knowledge. Below we have prepared a simple overivew of how to set up drapes using the telescopic drape support system.

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Step 1 – Install drape spigot on drape base plate

Step 2 – Slip the drape upright onto the spigot (which you have now installed on the baseplate)

Step 3 – Lay all your crossbars on the ground and adjust to length to match your uprights

Step 4 – Attach the drape to the crossbar while its still on the ground

Step 5 – Attach the crossbar to the drape uprights

Step 6 – Adjust the uprights by extending the top section above the first ring

Step 7 – Raise the drape to your desired height and level off