Looking to reveal a product, launch a brand or release a new car? Then why not wow your audience with a custom designed reveal display. Structured Events design event reveals using a range of hardware, audio visual and special effect solutions.

Traditional reveal products include unveiling curtains, tab track drapes and printed ribbons which really help build excitement about your reveal or opening. Unveiling curtains are available in standard wall mounted or freestanding options which are economically priced and can also be custom designed to suit any application. Tab track draping systems can be designed using any colour drape (standard black, blue or red specialty bronze or white or any custom colour) and to fit any size product from a gold ring to a whole building.

Modern reveal products include kabuki drape systems and moving reveal systems which provide an automated reveal moment either by dropping a fabric to reveal the product or moving/lifting an item to reveal the product. Examples include revealing a car by automating a wall or box to lift and reveal the vehicle behind.

 Special effects and AV can be added to any reveal system to add to the effect, a popular choice is to use a low fog in combination with a reveal product to create a big impact and impressive reveal sequence. Adding high quality audio with the right sound track is a tried and true method of creating a big build up for a reveal.

If your looking for a unique reveal solution for your next event get in contact with our team at Structured Events.