Elegant weddings, fashion shows and slick corporate events often call for a little more than a standard black stage. For events where the finished look is as important as the function of the stage we have a range of cladding and dressing options to create a premium finish.

The basis of a white stage for hire is the same stage modules we use for standard stage hire, which can be designed in modules to create almost any size stage to fit your venue or event. These stage modules are heavy duty and rated for between 500kg/m2 and 1000kg/m2 depending on which modules we use.

Once we have built a stage to your desired size we then have cladding and dressing options to provide any finish that you desire, often for weddings, fashion and corporate stages this is a clean white stage. Starting with either a black carpet or black timber stage top to achieve a white stage we use a range of options including white vinyl top, high gloss top or even perspex top.  We then replace the standard black pleated stage skirting with a white timber or perspex cladding.

Any combination of finishes is possible and we have a range of stock/hire solutions that keep the costs reasonable and economical while for high end events we manufacture fully custom just for your event to ensure a perfect finish.

If your looking for a white stage for your next event get in contact with our team at Structured Events.