Slayer Steam Latte Art Smackdown

Project Description

Combining the launch of a new local distributor of Slayer Espresso and hosting an epic Latte Art Competition featuring 120 competitors, 1 on 1 elimination style with a round starting every 5 minutes. Competitors flew in from across the world to compete for the first place prize of a Slayer Espresso machine. Strucutred Events provided a complete AV solution using our massive 70″ LCD TVs we switched from 3 live cameras to capture every moment and the latte art up close, using 3 high quality Shure UHF-R wireless microphones we captured the MCs and judges and covered the 200 plus crowd with a low profile ElectroVoice PA system. Outside guests were treated to an impressive bar and food truck set up with a separate DJ PA covering the rear courtyard.

Project Details

Event: Slayer Steam Smackdown
Date: March 2017