Projector Hire

From basic projector and screen packages to complete conference video solutions Structured Events can help. Our range includes short throw projector packages, high brightness packages, projection screens and large venue projectors.

Short Throw Projector Package Hire

Our short throw projector package is ideal for events with minimal space for set up. The short throw technology gets maximum brightness for its size and can be used in moderate levels of ambient lighting. Can connect to any computer (including PowerPoint) or used for videos and photo slides.

  • Corporate Events, training and breakout rooms

  • Parites and events 

  • Suitable for up to 100 guests 

Check out our Short Throw Projector Information Guide

High Brightness Projector Package Hire

High brightnesss projector packages suit larger venues or venues with higher levels of ambient lighting. Projectors can be used directly connected to a laptop computer or options to include video swithcing or playback equipment.

  • Corporate Events, seminars, conferences and launches

  • Suits larger venues

  • Suitable for up to 400 guests


Projector Screen Hire

Projection screens are available in many different shapes and styles from simple instant set up tripod screens to larger fastfold screens with options for front or rear projection surfaces and black drape surrounds. Projection screens help to get the most out of your projector with increased clarity, brightness and constrast.

  • Simple tripod screens through to larger fastfolds for hire

  • Sizes from 1.8mt to 6mt wide

High End Large Venue Projector Hire

Large venues or high end clients requiring ultra reliable and redudant systems benefit from use of high end projectors such as the Christie or Barco projectors. With super high brightness options from 6000-14000 lumens available.

  • Large venues

  • Suitable for up to 1000 guest or more


Video switching and playback hire

To get the best out of your video playback we use and reccomend seamless video swithcers from Edirol and Mac computers with PVP video playback software. 

  • Switch between different inputs seamlessly on screen

  • Inputs can include computers, cameras and live steams

  • Ideal for events with multiple presenters and videos 


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