Wireless Microphone Hire

Structured Events supply a range of wireless microphone solutions for conferences and events from basic economical solutions to high end digital microphone systems including lapel microphones, headset microphones (Madonna mics) and handheld microphones.

Economical Wireless Microphone Hire

Economical Sennheiser wireless microphone systems, suitable for events with between 1 and 4 wireless systems in small to medium sized event venues. Options include handheld, lapel or headset (Madonna) type microphones.


  • Corporate Events
  • Training Seminars
  • Marketing Events

Conference Wireless Microphone Hire

Premium Shure ULX-D and Sennheiser EW500G3 wireless systems suitable for high end conferences and events where reliability and quality are paramount. Microphone options include handheld, lapel or headset style.


  • Conferences and Galas for High End Corporate
  • Large Venues
  • Product launches
  • Media Announcements

Theatre Wireless Microphone Hire

If you have a production requiring 8 or more wireless systems get in contact with our team to design a solution for you using Sennheiser microphones and a range of different headset options.

  • School Productions
  • Community Theatre

Point to Point Wireless Audio Solutions

If you have a project that requires wireless audio transmission over a larger area get in contact with our team to help design a wireless audio solution with coverage of up to 500mt using Shure PSM and UHF-R systems with helical antennas for the transmitters and directional antennas for the recievers.


  • Speciality audio solutions
  • Long range

Madonna Microphone Hire

Combining pristine audio quality with discreet looks we supply a range of beige headsets to suit our Shure and Sennheiser wireless systems.

  • Slim discreet design
  • Very high quality audio

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